John Company

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Over its 250-year history the British East India company grew to become one of the most influential commercial and political organizations in the world. Its profits catapulted the British Empire to global dominance and shaped the fate of some of the world’s great nations. But, its ascent was anything but easy. The Company was filled with diverging interests and struggled constantly at home and abroad.

John Company attempts to tell the story of the British East India Company from the inside out. Players will steer their dynasties through the company’s history, vying for position, power, and prestige. The goal of the game is simple: use the Company and the Company’s trade to secure your place in society back home. To this end you will guide your scions through their careers, exchanging favors for positions in London or plush colonial posts. Players will collectively control the Company, facing tough budgetary decisions and conflicting interests. Should a Governor conduct a campaign to expand company holdings or invest in his region’s infrastructure? Perhaps the honest tax revenues would be better diverted to expand his summer estate back home...



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